Treatments for Sagging Skin

Explore non-surgical treatments and technologies for sagging skin.


The term “sagging skin” is commonly used to describe undesired changes in the characteristics of the skin and shape of the face, often due to aging but sometimes due to pregnancy or weight loss. Every individual experiences sagging skin during their lifetime. Although sagging skin is one of the most challenging conditions to address non-surgically, we are well-known for our effective treatments.

What causes sagging skin?

Sagging skin is primarily caused by two age-related factors: loss of collagen and elastin, and loss of facial fat. Collagen is a protein that is critical to the structure of the skin, and elastin is a protein that helps the skin return to its natural position after being stretched. Elastin levels begin to decrease around the age of 18, and collagen levels begin to decline around the age of 25. Lifestyle, environmental, and nutritional factors can all cause a further increase of skin sagging, including excessive sun exposure, lack of hydration, and smoking. Additionally, loss of facial fat typically becomes apparent by the mid-30s. Reduced levels of collagen and elastin contribute to the development of lines, wrinkles, and sagging, while the loss of fat decreases the volume of the face, altering its shape and exacerbating the appearance of loose or sagging skin.


How can sagging skin be treated?

The most effective solutions for sagging skin are multi-treatment protocols in which collagen and elastin are stimulated, skin is tightened, and volume is restored. Despite various marketing claims that get tossed around, there is no single comprehensive, long-lasting, non-surgical solution that fully addresses sagging skin, which is why our combination approach is essential for successful outcomes.

Our treatment choices are personalized based on our assessment of your skin, and we will create a thorough treatment plan at your first visit based on our 90+ years of aesthetic experience. 

Sagging Skin Before & After Results

Treatments for Sagging Skin

Please note that this list is indended to provide a general idea of what types of treatments can be used for this concern and should not be used as suggestions for treatments to request. Some treatments or products that work well for one individual may not work, or can worsen the condition, for another individual. Schedule a consultation so our team can create an aesthetic care plan that will address your concerns efficiently and effectively.


The gold standard in lifting and tightening, Ultherapy is the ultimate non-surgical solution for sagging skin. High powered, focused ultrasound energy is strategically directed into collagen-rich layers of the skin, contracting tissue and triggering collagen production that results in a long-lasting lift.

RF Microneedling

One of the fastest growing aesthetic treatments by popularity, RF Microneedling is an effective treatment for tightening skin while improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Safe radio-frequency energy is delivered below the surface of the skin using gold-plated needles, stimulating the production of collagen while refining skin texture.

Cosmetic Fillers

A quick treatment that yields immediate results, cosmetic fillers are used to restore lost volume and reduce the appearance of sagging skin. Hyaluronic acid-based filler is injected in strategic locations to replace lost fat and gently pull back the skin. Fillers are commonly used to enhance the cheekbones and jawline, improve the appearance of jowls, and minimize under-eye hollows.

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