LED Phototherapy

Rejuvenate, clarify, calm, and heal the skin with the power of light.


Your skin, illuminated.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Phototherapy is a simple, no-downtime treatment that uses specific wavelengths of light to stimulate rejuvenating and healing responses within the skin. Our FDA-approved Dermalux LED Phototherapy devices utilize proprietary technology to deliver clinically-proven light wavelengths simultaneously. A series of quick, painless treatments provides dramatic results on a wide range of skin concerns.

LED Phototherapy for Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation wavelengths of LED Phototherapy accelerate skin cell renewal, boost collagen production, promote circulation, and increase hydration. Patients report a reduction of visible signs of aging, including better skin tone, reduced hyperpigmentation, and an improvement of overall skin quality. 

LED Phototherapy for Acne

Specific wavelengths of LED Phototherapy can be used to improve acne and clarify the skin. By destroying acne-causing bacteria, reducing redness, and calming inflammation and irritation, LED Phototherapy is one of the leading no-downtime acne treatments.

LED Phototherapy for Healing

The near-infrared wavelength is a game-changing feature of our LED Phototherapy devices. This wavelength targets deeper cells to trigger the body’s natural healing processes. From psoriasis to redness and irritation to bruises and scrapes, our advanced LED Phototherapy can help improve a wide variety of skin conditions.

Before & After on Acne

Before & After on Redness

Before & After on Psoriasis & Other Skin Issues

LED Phototherapy in the Media

“I tried one of Meghan Markle’s go-to facials to get her signature glow”

“This Futuristic LED Dome Is Every Celeb’s Best-Kept Skin Secret”

“Light Up Your Skin And Let Your Youth Shine With LED Light”

LED Phototherapy FAQs

Who is LED Phototherapy for?

LED Phototherapy is for those looking to improve the quality of their skin through gentle, no-downtime treatments. Effective on acne, redness, irritation, psoriasis, bruises, aging skin, and more.

How quickly can I expect results from LED Phototherapy?

The timeline of results varies based on the individual, the conditions being treated, and the number and frequency of treatments. LED Phototherapy can begin to deliver results in as little as 2-3 weeks, with substantial results on many conditions within 6-12 weeks. More frequent treatments will produce quicker results.

How long do the results of LED Phototherapy last?

The results of LED Phototherapy are long-lasting, but the exact duration will depend on the individul and the condition/concerns.

Is there any downtime after LED Phototherapy?

There is no downtime after an LED Phototherapy treatment. You can return to work or normal activities immediately after the treatment. Additionally, since the treatment does not compromise the surface of the skin, you can wear makeup afterward.

How many LED Phototherapy treatments do I need?

LED Phototherapy is performed as a series, with the specific number of treatments varying based on the individual and the condition. For conditions such as acne or redness, a series of 10-12+ treatments is typically advised for best results. Other conditions may take just 5-7 treatments.

Can I get LED Phototherapy if I am getting other treatments?

Yes, LED Phototherapy is highly effective in combination with other aesthetic treatments. LED Phototherapy can speed healing time and enhance the results of other treatments.

Does LED Phototherapy have side effects?

Side effects of LED Phototherapy are very rare, but may include some redness and mild inflamation for a short time after treatment.