Treatments for Cellulite

Explore our advanced non-surgical treatments to improve the appearance of cellulite.


What causes cellulite?

The appearance of cellulite is caused by a combination of subcutaneous fat and connective tissue bands. Subcutaneous fat lies between the skin and muscle. When connective tissue, which is comprised of bands that connect the skin to the underlying muscle, pulls too tight, it causes the dimpled appearance that is known as cellulite. Cellulite primarily affects women as the connective tissue structure is different between men and women.

How can cellulite be treated?

Effective treatments for cellulite often involve skin and connective tissue remodeling and/or injections to smooth the surface of the skin. The appropriate treatment protocol can vary substantially between individuals. Some treatments or products that work well for one individual may not work, or can worsen the condition, for another individual. Because of this, our treatment and product choices are personalized based on the type and cause of your cellulite, and we will create a treatment plan at your first visit based on our 90+ years of aesthetic experience.

Cellulite Before & After Results

Treatments for Cellulite

Please note that this list is indended to provide a general idea of what types of treatments can be used for this concern and should not be used as suggestions for treatments to request. Some treatments or products that work well for one individual may not work, or can worsen the condition, for another individual. Schedule a consultation so our team can create an aesthetic care plan that will address your concerns efficiently and effectively.

Hyperdiluted Radiesse Injections

The Hyperdilute Radiesse formula is a breakthrough discovery for cellulite treatment, producing a noticeably smoother appearance for problematic areas like thighs and buttocks. The treatment is performed by strategically injecting this biostimulator directly under the skin into each dimple to even out the cellulite-affected areas.

RF Microneedling

One of the fastest growing aesthetic treatments by popularity for both face and body, RF Microneedling is an effective treatment for reducing the appearance of cellulite and tightening skin. Safe radio-frequency energy is delivered below the surface of the skin using gold-plated needles, stimulating the production of collagen while smoothing out the skin.

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