Reveal baby-smooth skin and improve product absorption.


Dermaplaning physically exfoliates and removes dead skin cells.

Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliating treatment that removes layers of dead skin cells as well as peach fuzz. A single-use sterile surgical blade is used to gently scrape the skin’s surface to unveil smoother-looking skin. Dermaplaning removes trapped dirt and oils and diminishes the appearance of skin imperfections.

A great addition to other treatments and your skincare routine.

A fantastic addition to our facials, including our ultra-popular HydraFacials, dermaplaning adds an extra dose of glow to your skin. Dermaplaning also prepares the skin for other aesthetic treatments. For example, chemical peels and HydraFacial booster serums will penetrate more deeply on skin that has received dermaplaning. Another benefit is that your skincare will perform at a higher level, and your foundation will go on much smoother.

Woman receiving a dermaplaning treatment on her face to remove facial hair, peach fuzz, exfoliate the skin, and improve smoothness.

Dermaplaning FAQs

Who can benefit from dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is safe for most skin types. If you have active acne, extremely sensitive skin, or rosacea, our experts will advise you as to what treatments would be best for your condition.

How often can dermaplaning be done?

Dermaplaning can safely be performed approximately once a month.

Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime other than slight redness immediately after treatment.

Will the peach fuzz grow back thicker?

Not at all. Hair will grow back the same color and thickness as it previously was. Peach fuzz will grow back as peach fuzz.