Laser Cap for Hair Growth

Improve thinning hair at home with convenient, clinically-studied laser technology.


Laser Cap for Hair Growth uses LLLT, the #1 physician recommended at-home treatment for hair loss.

Laser Cap for Hair Growth uses low-level light therapy (LLLT) to safely and effectively reverse hair loss and improve thinning hair. In addition, Laser Cap helps revitalize damaged hair and nurture fuller, healthier hair without side effects. Just 7 minutes per day, 7 days per week can yield up to a 51% increase in new hair count in as little at 4 months.

Laser Cap for Hair Growth by Aesthetic Center of New Jersey. At-home hair growth treatment.

Medical grade, FDA-approved Laser Cap delivers superior results on both men and women.

In a world where the majority of men and women suffer from some degree of thinning hair, there are tens of thousands of products and services that claim to cure hair loss. Our Laser Cap for Hair Growth is one of the few solutions that is clinically studied, medical-grade, and FDA-approved. 

Unlike many light therapy caps, our Laser Cap consists of 272 medical-grade laser diodes, not LEDs. These laser diodes are strong enough to deliver energy to the hair follicles, while LEDs typically are not.

Clinical studies demonstrate that Laser Cap is effective on men and women with hair loss.

With more than than 13 clinical trials and 21 related studies, low-level-light therapy (LLLT) has become a recognized treatment for hair loss. Additionally, hundreds of research papers have been written on LLLT for hair growth. Clinical trials have shown that 272-diode laser caps can stimulate up to a 51% increase in new hair count in 17 weeks, with 100% of users seeing visible hair growth. 

Laser Cap For Hair Growth

Basic Specifications

  • Auto-programmed 7-minute treatment session.
  • Flexible, comfortable-fitting design.
  • 272 medical-grade laser diodes positioned for full scalp coverage.
  • 650nm wavelength for optimal penetration and results.
  • Advanced cooling technology protects lasers for long life.
  • Rated for up to 20,000 treatment sessions.
  • User-friendly and hands-free design.

What’s In The Box

  • Laser Cap for Hair Growth
  • Rechargeable battery pack with cord
  • Wall charger with cord
  • Protective travel case
  • User manual

Laser Cap FAQs

Will this work for women with hair loss?

Yes, Laser Cap for Hair Growth is effective on various types of female hair loss.

Will this work for men with hair loss or thinning hair?

Yes, Laser Cap for Hair Growth is effective on various types of male hair loss. It can minimize the effects of male pattern hair loss, as well as male hair loss caused by other factors.

Can this be used in place of a treatment?

Laser Cap for Hair Growth has been shown to be effective on its own or in combination with other treatments and/or products. At your cosultation, we will help you determine which methods are most likely to get you the results you are looking for. For many individuals, Laser Cap alone will deliver a noticeable improvement.

Are there any downtime or side effects?

There are no side effects or downtime with Laser Cap. Just use it for 7 minutes per day, every day, from the comfort of your home. 

Note: If you are on a medication that causes photosensitivity, Laser Cap treatments are not advised.