Scar Revision Treatments

Explore our non-surgical procedures to minimize the appearance of scars.


Scar revision boosts self-esteem.

Scars can be traumatic reminders of an accident or surgical procedure. Studies show that these types of scars can have a negative impact on self-esteem. Our non-surgical scar revision treatments significantly lessen the appearance of scars, giving you back confidence in your appearance. We have several types of treatments that effectively improve skin texture and tone to diminish scars. Our experts will discuss a treatment protocol that’s best for you.

Lasers target hyperpigmentation and irregular texture.

Our advanced laser technologies, both ablative and non-ablative, target scars with microbeams of light energy that resurface the skin and diminish discoloration. Our laser treatments are customized based on the type and depth of the scarring.

SkinPen Microneedling & RF Microneedling treatments regenerate texture.

RF Microneedling delivers radio-frequency energy into tiny microscopic punctures on the skin to stimulate collagen and trigger the body’s natural healing response, naturally regenerating the scarred area.

Powerful peels minimize hyperpigmentation and promote a smoother appearance.

Our next generation of peels reduce scarring without harsh effects. Our scar-repair peels improve areas of discoloration while helping overall smoothness.


Scar Revision FAQs

How does scar revision work?

We offer a variety of non-surgical procedures to help minimize the apppearance of various types of scars, including surgical scars and traumatic scars. Upon assessing your case, we will determine the best method of treatment, which may involve one or multiple types of treatments.

How quickly can I expect results?

The timeline for results will depend on the severity of the scar and the treatment protocol required. In some cases, results may be apparent within days to weeks, while other cases may require a multi-month process.

Is there any downtime after treatment?

The amount of downtime will depend on the severity of the scar, the location, and the treatment protocol required. In most cases, normal activities can be resumed right away, but you may have redness and swelling around the area for a few days.

How many treatments do I need?

The number of treatments will depend on the severity of the scar and the treatment protocol required, ranging from a single treatment to 4+ treatments.