Pushing the boundaries of non-surgical aesthetics. Discover some of our favorite treatment combinations , plus exclusive protocols you can find only at Aesthetic Center of New Jersey.


Non-Surgical Facelift & Neck Lift

Exclusive Protocol

Look your best without disrupting your lifestyle. Our unique protocols combine 7 industry-leading technologies and treatments to deliver the most dramatic lifting and tightening results possible without surgery. Using multiple methods, we create a new collagen framework within the many layers of skin while addressing lines, wrinkles, skin texture, and more. Our Non-Surgical Facelift and Non-Surgical Neck Lift protocols are tailored to each individual based on a variety of factors including skin attributes, age, lifestyle, and goals.

Rapid Hair Growth Plans

Exclusive Protocol

Get your hair and confidence back. Our comprehensive hair rejuvenation and restoration protocols, which include at-home treatments, are clinically proven to grow hair back. With breakthrough, non-invasive technologies and treatments, we are one of the foremost centers in the country to effectively treat the problem of thinning hair for both women and men. We address all key aspects of hair loss, involving external and internal factors, to achieve superior hair growth results with no side effects.

Total Skin Solution

Anti-aging doesn’t have to be complicated. Tighten, firm, improve texture, minimize hyperpigmentation, stimulate collagen, and even out skin tone with this synergistic solution. We combine our powerful, award-winning PiXel-8 RF Microneedling treatment with Laser Resurfacing using the Lutronic Ultra, the ultimate skin rejuvenation laser.


Non-Surgical Mini Tummy Tuck

Whether dealing with postpartum changes or simply looking to improve your beach body, our protocols are highly effective at slimming and tightening the abdominal area. By reducing the sucbutaneous fat layer and then tightening the skin with non-invasive methods, our protocols deliver unmistakeable results.