Jawline Filler

Sculpt and contour the jawline.


A well-defined jawline is often seen as a symbol of beauty and youth. Jawline fillers have gained popularity for their ability to sculpt and contour the jawline, creating a more harmonious facial profile. Whether you have a weak or undefined jawline due to genetics or aging, jawline filler treatments can provide impressive results and help you achieve your dream jawline.

What is Jawline Filler?

Jawline filler is a treatment in which a cosmetic filler is injected strategically into the jawline area to improve facial contour, add definition and structure, and reverse age-related sagging and volume loss. Fillers made of hyaluronic acid, which naturally occurs in the skin, or calcium hydroxylapatite, which is the material that bone is made of, are commonly used for this treatment. When performed by an experienced and qualified aesthetic injector, jawline filler is a safe, non-surgical treatment that involves no downtime.

Jawline Filler

Treatment Facts

Non-invasive injectable treatment to improve the appearance of the lower face and jawline areas

Adds contour and definition to the jawline and improves age-related sagging and volume loss

FDA-approved fillers used in this area include Radiesse, Volux, and RHA


Some results visible immediately and full results within a few weeks


No downtime, minimal discomfort, and minimal restrictions

How the Aging Process Impacts the Jawline

As we age, the jawline undergoes noticeable changes due to a combination of factors. Collagen and elastin production decrease each year, at a rate of about 1% per year, leading to skin sagging. At the same time, fat loss and changes in fat distribution contribute to the formation of jowls and exacerbate skin sagging along the lower jawline by weighing down the skin. Furthermore, bone resorption and muscle weakening contribute to diminished structural support and an overall less sculpted appearance. Collectively, these changes cause the jawline to lose its youthful contours, affecting overall facial harmony and confidence. And although these factors are an inevitable part of aging, lifestyle factors such as poor skincare habits, smoking, and excessive sun exposure can expedite the process. 

Fortunately, jawline filler treatments performed by our highly experienced, world-class injectors offer a solution by restoring volume, lifting sagging skin, and reshaping the jawline for a more defined and rejuvenated look.

Male Jawline Filler

Regardless of age, a strong, sculpted jawline has long been an admired feature of mens’ faces. We frequently perform jawline filler for men who are looking to achieve a more defined, masculine jawline. Male jawline filler is also commonly performed to minimize the signs of aging in the lower face. By injecting one or more advanced fillers along the jawline area, our expert injectors can help you achieve the jawline of your dreams.

Female Jawline Filler

As women age, factors like reduced collagen production and skin elasticity can lead to a loss of definition along the jawline. Jawline filler for women involves the use of carefully selected fillers to add volume and lift sagging skin in key areas of the jaw, creating a more prominent and sharp jawline contour. This technique accentuates the natural beauty of the face, providing a harmonious balance between the jawline, neck, and overall facial features.

Jawline Contouring Filler

Fillers can be used to contour the jawline by strategically adding volume to create smoothness and definition. This process enhances the natural angles and curves of the jaw, creating a sculpted and well-defined appearance. “Liquid contouring” with filler has become a popular trend, especially amongst younger women looking to add contour and facial balance that often can be achieved only with a professional makeup application.

Jawline Filler for Jowls

Jawline filler can be used to improve the appearance of jowls by strategically injecting fillers into the targeted areas. Injections in the back of the jawline add volume and support, lifting sagging skin and reducing the appearance of jowls. Injections in the “prejowl sulcus”, the indented area just in front of the jowls, counteract the effects of bone loss and fat loss due to aging. By restoring lost volume and enhancing the contours, jawline filler for jowls provides a more defined and youthful appearance, harmonizing the overall facial profile.

Jawline Filler for Asymmetry

Asymmetrical jawlines, which have more volume or definition on one side than the other, are a common aesthetic concern amongst both men and women. Asymmetry can be caused by dental issues, TMJ, or sleeping patterns (sleeping on one side), or it can be present from birth. Filler can be strategically injected into the specific areas that have less volume or definition to balance out uneven contours and proportions. This involves precise placement of the filler to add volume and lift where needed, creating a harmonious and symmetrical appearance.

Jawline Filler Before & After

When choosing a cosmetic treatment, it is important to ensure that the treatment effectively addresses your primary concerns. It is also critical to understand what type of results you can expect. The following photos before and after jawline filler demonstrate the excellent outcomes that are possible with this popular treatment.  

Note: Each individual responds to treatments differently, so results vary. Jawline filler results rely heavily on technique, so it is important to select a reputable practice with qualified injectors for best results. 

Which is the Best Filler for Jawline?

Each individual face is unique, and so are each individual’s goals. This means that there is not one best filler – the best jawline filler for you is one that is expertly selected, and skillfully injected, by an experienced provider who routinely performs jawline treatments. We utilize a variety of advanced fillers for the jawline, including Radiesse, RHA, Volux, and Voluma. These excellent products, combined with our skillful techniques, help us deliver extraordinary jawline filler results to meet your specific goals.

the best jawline filler for you is one that is expertly selected, and skillfully injected

Radiesse Filler for Jawline

Formulated with calcium hydroxylapatite, the same material that human bone is made of, Radiesse is a fitting choice for the jawline area. Due to its unique properties, including a very high viscosity (thick consistency), Radiesse provides powerful lifting action to help add contour and minimize the appearance of sagging skin. In addition, Radiesse jawline filler stimulates collagen production, resulting in both immediate and long-term benefits, making Radiesse one of the longest-lasting jawline fillers available. Radiesse is an excellent choice for both men and women who desire a more structured jawline.

Volux Jawline Filler

Volux filler, the newest addition to the line of Juvéderm fillers, is specifically designed to enhance and sculpt the jawline area. Engineered to provide structural support and lift, Volux is particularly suitable for addressing volume loss and sagging along the jawline. Volux filler contains hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the body that helps maintain skin hydration and firmness. What sets Volux apart is its unique formulation, which combines a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid with Vycross technology. When Volux filler is injected into the jawline, it provides a subtle yet significant volumizing effect, resulting in a more defined and sculpted jawline that complements the natural facial features. Volux’s longevity also means that the results can last for up to 18-24 months, making it a popular choice for those seeking a long-lasting solution.

Voluma Filler for Jawline

Voluma filler is commonly used to enhance and rejuvenate the jawline area. It is part of the Juvéderm family of fillers and is renowned for its ability to provide volume and lift to various areas of the face, including the cheeks and jawline. Voluma filler is made of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the body that helps maintain skin hydration and firmness. Since the launch of Volux, we don’t find injectors reaching for Voluma quite as often for jawline injections, as Volux provides more structure and durability in this area.

RHA Jawline Filler

Renowned for its dynamic and flexible nature, RHA fillers ensure natural results by adapting to facial movements while enhancing contours. Its unique properties allow for both deep and superficial injections, which makes RHA a versatile option. We often inject a more structured filler, such as Radiesse, deep into the jawline, and then use RHA superficially. We’ve mastered this unique technique for those desiring a crisp, well-defined jawline with a sharp edge.

Woman getting cheek filler treatment with Radiesee.

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Jawline Filler Results

You can begin to see the results of jawline filler immediately after the treatment, since the filler injections add volume right away. The full results, however, are typically revealed within two to three weeks after the treatment, once the filler has settled and the swelling and bruising are gone. The results last for about 12-24 months, depending on the specific type(s) of filler injected, the amount injected, and the individual.

Jawline Filler Cost

The cost of jawline filler can vary significantly depending on a variety of factors. Your unique anatomy and goals will be the primary variable, as the amount of product needed will depend on your starting point and the outcome you are looking to achieve. For example, adding definition and structure to a full jawline will require more product than adding volume to the prejowl sulcus only. Individuals with more contour and definition in their jawline before treatment will likely require less product than an individual with an undefined or sagging jawline. 

In addition to your own anatomy and goals, cost of product varies based on the brand and type of filler. Also, practices with more experienced and highly trained injectors may charge more than medspas with beginner injectors. Top-tier practices carry higher costs of continuing education and adhere to the highest level of safety standards. Beware of practices advertising low cost filler and those who frequently offer deep discounts and promotions — there is likely a reason.

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Jawline Filler FAQs

What is jawline filler, and how does it work?

Jawline filler is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that involves injecting specialized cosmetic fillers into the jawline area to enhance its contours, add volume, and lift sagging skin. The fillers are made of substances like hyaluronic acid, which restore lost volume and stimulate collagen production, resulting in a more sculpted and youthful appearance.

What concerns can jawline filler address?

Jawline filler can address various concerns, including sagging skin, loss of definition, jowls, and asymmetry along the jawline. It’s also effective in rejuvenating the lower face and creating a more balanced facial profile.

Is jawline filler painful?

Discomfort during the procedure is usually minimal. Before injecting, we apply topical numbing cream to the area, and most fillers contain a numbing agent as well. The sensation can be described as a minor pinch or pressure during the injections.

How long does a jawline filler treatment take?

On average, a treatment takes around 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the individual’s goals and the amount of product being injected.

Is there any downtime after the procedure?

There is no downtime associated with jawline filler treatments. You may experience mild swelling, redness, and bruising at the injection sites, but these effects usually subside within a few days to a week. You can resume most daily activities immediately after the treatment.

When will I see results, and how long do they last?

Some results are noticeable immediately, with optimal results becoming visible within 1 to 3 weeks as swelling subsides and the filler settles. The longevity of results depends on the type of filler used, but filler in the jawline area typically lasts about 12 to 24 months.

What are the most common side effects?

Jawline filler treatments are generally safe when performed by experienced injectors. Temporary side effects can include swelling, bruising, redness, and tenderness or soreness in the area. These side effects usually subside within a week or two.

Who is a good candidate for jawline filler?

While filler is suitable for many individuals, a consultation with a qualified injector is essential to assess your specific needs, goals, and medical history. In general, good candidates are those who desire a more sculpted or defined jawline, and/or have age-related volume loss and sagging around the jawline.

What can I expect during a consultation?

During your consultation, your injector will assess your facial anatomy, discuss your concerns and goals, explain the treatment process, and recommend a personalized treatment plan based on your unique needs. A quote for the treatment plans(s) will be provided at that time.