Treatments for Double Chin

Double chin is caused primarily by the presence of additional subcutaneous fat under the chin. It may be hereditary or caused by increased body fat. The additional subcutaneous fat creates a bulge in the area and stretches the skin, resulting in the appearance of a “double chin.”

The most effective solutions for double chin involve a reduction of subcutaneous fat in the area. In many cases, tightening of the skin after fat reduction provides further benefit, restoring the skin to its desired position. Our team is experienced in treating double chin with great outcomes using effective combinations of treatments and techniques.


The world’s #1 fat reduction treatment, CoolSculpting is scientifically proven to reduce fat non-surgically. CoolSculpting uses patented cooling technology to freeze fat cells. The body then removes the fat cells through natural processes. Our trained providers use a special applicator designed to permanently reduce fat underneath the chin.


The gold standard in lifting and tightening, Ultherapy effectively tightens skin under the chin. High-powered, focused ultrasound energy is strategically directed into collagen-rich layers of the skin, contracting tissue and triggering collagen production for a long-lasting lift.

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